Yaru in "Wonderland" for Sukeban Magazine

Yaru in "Wonderland" shot for Sukeban Magazine - Link to editorial here.

Photography Vitaboy

Styling Jin Ning

MUA Oscar FU

Hair Zero Yang

Model Yaru Zhao via Longteng Model Management

Producer Maura McKay

Photography Assistant Elsa Bouillot

Retouch Nora Landa

Editor Mary Ojidu

The economy of China is growing at a rapid pace but the culture is lagging behind. Cities and new architecture are popping up everywhere, whilst old buildings are being demolished.

The new architecture is supposed to make China more prosperous, but it also creates gloom for many people, as it has no history or cultural value. It’s like artificial decoration.

The team took inspiration from the classic adventure of Alice in Wonderland and other fantasy stories. The team tells the story of model Yaru going from being a tramp to becoming a princess in this artificial Chinese “Wonderland”

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